How to Clean Suede Leather Shoes in a Few Easy Steps

How to Clean Suede Leather Shoes in a Few Easy Steps

We know that you become perturbed by the situation when your favorite leather suede shoe accumulates dirt or stains. But you don’t need to freak out because it is easy to clean suede shoes at home. Though we don’t like when suede leather invariably gets dirty and needs cleaning, to avert this unwanted situation, you can resort to different cleaning methods, like cleaning with rubber and an eraser, some white vinegar, baking soda, and a suede brush. These methods come as a panacea that makes the process of cleaning your suede shoes very simple. 

In this blog, we will provide a succinct and informative summary that will give you possible remedies to salvage your suede shoes from all kinds of dirt, giving them a new look. 

Clean Suede Leather Shoes

Here are five easy steps to clean suede shoe

1. Clean the shoe's surface with a suede brush to get rid of grit and dirt.

We know that it is unnerving to think that when your favorite leather suede shoe gets dirt on it, you eventually resort to abrasive methods to remove the stain, but to retain the original look, you must abstain from doing as much abrasive cleaning as it may worsen the quality of your shoe. It is important to note that you must avoid cleaning your shoe when it is still damp because, in doing so, you will further rub the particles into the fabric, making it harder to clean. Use a suede brush and make a gentle stroke in one direction so that the accumulated loose particles and grit can easily be removed. 

2. Try to move the remaining mark with the rubber.

Although, admittedly, it has an amazing resemblance to the suede brush, cleaning rubber or an eraser has a significant effect on cleaning your suede leather shoe. With this approach, you can remove difficult stains with rigorous force using back-and-forth pressure. If you have a specific suede rubber, it is good; otherwise, a regular pencil eraser will also do good work. 

3. if the stain is rigid and not budging, try using alcohol and white vinegar

Using the liquid method of alcohol and vinegar is considered potent for cleaning your suede leather shoe because the acidic concentration itself is brilliant at breaking down the particles. Dip the corner of your fabric cloth into a solution of vinegar and alcohol and rub gently on the surface of your shoe to remove the dirt or rigid stain. This method will certainly help in cleaning the dirt and giving a shining look to your shoe. 

4. Use baking powder if the stain is in the form of oil or grease

Baking soda is a household essential that is proven to clean oily or greasy substances from the surface of the suede surface because of its absorptive quality. However, we would recommend you do a patch test on suede leather shoes before proceeding with this method. You can proceed if this approach yields no indications of concern. If no signs of worry come from this method, then you are ready to begin. Take a generous amount of baking soda after blotting off excess oil or grease, then leave it overnight. Afterward, when the wait time is over, remove the baking soda using a suede brush. Repeat the method until you get a satisfactory result. 

5. Approach the final method of suede protection.

Certainly, after following all the approaches, you can proceed with the final step of suede protection with a suede protector. The best way to follow the review trick is to select the suede protector for your suede leather shoe. If you have the fervid intention of using the protector, then you can begin with the process without giving it much thought.


As the fabric changes after cleaning, it can lose its luster, giving it a dull look. So it is vital to consider the cleaning of your suede leather shoe periodically. If possible, consider the cleaning process at home, and if the results are not desired, then always opt for professional shoe cleaning services that stick to the rule of cleaning fastidiously, giving your suede leather shoe an original look. For this, you can always count on Luxury Leather and Furniture Care, who can assist you and give you the proper details for shoe cleaning services. So make an appointment with us for further inquiries. 

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