How to Repair Leather Jacket Scratches, Tears, and More

How to Repair Leather Jacket Scratches, Tears, and More

Leather is a highly resistive material, and leather jackets are the perfect combination of fashion, convenience, longevity, and firmness. However, as soon as scratches appear on leather jackets, the effect is bad, and they are difficult to wash out. Leather may indeed be very tough, but sometimes it gets various scratches due to uneven strain and friction from other fabric materials in garments. Repair leather jacket scratches and tears with the utmost care. There exist various ways through which one can easily mend those scratches that affect the appearance of leather jackets. 

The idea behind these jackets is that they always stay in style and can add elegance to even the dullest outfit. Nonetheless, as time goes by, rips or damages may start appearing on them. They have been justifiably described as timeless pieces whose worth is more than gold because their value has outlived generations upon generations Symbolizing both trendiness and endurance at once, leather jackets are not cheap possession. However, like any beloved thing, just like other possessions, there could also be wear and tear forcing one to choose between replacing or repairing it.

Repair Leather Jacket Scratches and Tears

Understanding the type of Leather scratches

Identify the kind of leather you have to deal with first. There are many types of leather, and identifying the type is crucial to getting rid of a scratch. To learn how to remove scratches or scuff marks from such a piece of leather, you can check for the manufacturer’s tags, care instructions, and labels.

Two major kinds of scratches that occur on a surface made of leather include;

Light Scratches:

If it is only a slight visible scratch, then just apply leather oil or conditioner to fix it. Apply some leather oil and rub in a circular motion to lessen the surface scratch; let it dry completely before applying some amount of leather conditioner.

Deep Scratches:

Should you come across a deep visible scratch on your surface, the first step should be cleaning up the area with a leather cleaner and thereafter rubbing it using distilled vinegar until it dries off. That’s all! Just apply shoe polish of the same color on the place where there was damage and all will be fine because we have removed that scratch. In case you still see this trace, make use of olive oil mixed with shoe polish to remove this scratch

Materials Needed to repair leather jacket scratches, tears, and other damages

Materials required to repair leather jacket scratches and tears are as follows:

  1. Leather mender kit
  2. Leather glue
  3. Leather patch or polyester-cotton fabric
  4. A pair of shears
  5. Razor blade or Stitch remover
  6. Leather putty
  7. Fine sandpaper
  8. Soft rag
  9. A thimble
  10. Sewing string.
  11. Hide soap and hide cream.

Steps to Repair a Leather Jacket Scratch

Step 1: Evaluate the Extent of the Damage

Thoroughly inspect the rip on your leather jacket to establish its dimension as well as how serious it is. This evaluation will assist you in determining which repair technique to use and what materials are necessary.

Step 2: Clearing the Area

To get rid of dirt or debris around the tear, softly rub on the region with a smooth cloth. It is important that this space is kept clean because it is where repair work will take place.

Step 3: Remove Excess Threads

In case any loose thread comes out of the tear, cut it away using sharp scissors. But be careful so as not to damage other parts of your leather.

Step 4: Tear Open Your Jacket’s Interior

When you want to open up a tear, it’s best to start by splitting open an armhole in the lining material using a sharp knife or seam ripper. This will serve as an escape route for the arm. Then you can get into the torn area faster and more effectively, if needed.

Step 5: Cut Your Patch of Leather

The next stage involves cutting out backing fabric ready for insertion; one may use very thin gloving leather or polycotton. Ensure that enough fabric has been removed from behind so there is plenty of spare but not too much to create bunching. When inserting, corners are rounded off, as they might cause problems when being inserted. Also, when using leather, make sure you put the back fabric suede side up

Step6: Apply Leather Glue

Using the small applicator that comes along with this kit, brush a narrow coat of leather glue on the ripped edges and at the rear side of the rip. Ensure you follow the adhesive producer’s advice on drying time and method of use.

Step 7: Press The Tear Together

Close off the torn sides by pressing them gently together using toothpicks. Hold them for some minutes to let the adhesives fix the leather firmly.

Step 8: Fill and Sand (For Small Tears)

When there is a space or hole created by the tear, it is possible to apply leather filler material. Using either a spatula or toothpick, apply according to product directions. Using fine sandpaper, smooth out any lumps on top of patched areas after the filling has dried, also applying the paint and shade it with nearby parts.

Step 9: Condition The Jacket

After patching up, put some leather conditioner all over your jacket. This restores moisture content and flexibility and makes its color even again.


Leather can get scratched easily from normal wear and tear, despite how cautiously you treat it. This is especially true if you have pets or small kids at home; it is virtually impossible to keep leather items from scratching eventually. In case your jacket seems ruined, there are ways to revive it. Leather is a stretchy substance that can bond with itself, which makes fixing superficial injuries comparatively simple. Even deep incisions can be mended or hidden away so that the furniture looks new again. 

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