Is dying leather bag safe.

Can a leather handbag be dyed?

The answer is simply yes but it should be done with the leather professionals only. You are advised to never get leather re-colored from anywhere because many people think its only coloring so any color can be applied to re-color. But that’s not true! There are specific Dyes and Pigments* to re-color and refurbish leather bags or shoes or anything in leather. The professionals of leather only know how to mix color and the amount of chemicals to be used to give it re-color without tempering the quality.

leather bag Safe cleaning Services

It is not only about to re-color but it is also to fix the color and make it smooth so the color won’t bleed and last longer and keep the touch smoother.

If you want to get the leather bag Dry-cleaned or Re-colored*. Shoes dry-cleaned or re-colored. Wallets dry-cleaned or re-colored. Belt dry-cleaned or re-colored. Then Luxury Leather and Furniture Care is a team of professionals in all kinds of leather having deep experience in leather kinds of leather. Types of leather, nature of leather problems can arise in leather and solutions of the same.

Difference between Pigments and Dyes

There is one major difference between Dyes and Pigments. The Dyes are a kind of water colour. Which means they are a kind of colour. Which does not make any layer over the surface of leather. Whereas the pigment does make a very thin layer over the surface of leather.

Importance of Pigment and Dyes

Both have their own to play a very important role in different types of leathers.The Dyes are used to give a shine and double shade on the leather. Whereas the pigment covers the wear and tear of the leather.

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