Moisture of leather

Moisture of leather

What is moisture of leather?

The moisture of leather is a form of liquid which keeps the leather soft and prevent from cracking discoloration etc. Since the leather is a nature product that is it is made of animal hides. If we notice that the anything in this world is living that has water in it and cannot live without water. Similarly, the leather is a nature product and some other process are done in it to make it leather. While leather making process certain chemicals and alterations take place which makes leather to stay for longer time. There are some loopholes to leather which can damage the leather sooner. 

What can harm leather

When you know what can harm your leather then you can easily find a solution to prevent from getting damaged. 

Moisture of leather

Direct contact with sunlight

Since we know that leather has moisture and that helps to keep the leather stay longer. Similarly, direct contact with sunlight can lead to dry of moisture of the leather that can lead to discoloration and more likely to start cracking and becoming hard over the time. It doesn’t mean you cannot take your handbag out for outing or something. But direct sunlight for more than an hour can lead to dry moisture of leather.

Change in Temperature

The leather also feel discomfort due to change in temprature as we feel, hot in summers, and cold in winters. Similarly, leather also get effected by the same a higher or lower temperature can lead to hardness and roughness. Since they are nature product they also need a natural air everyday to pretine for many years. 

Stains or Dirt

If the leather comes to contact with any stain or day by day dirt and they are not treated with immediate effect. That stain or dirt will absorb the leather due to moisture of leather. Once leather moisture of leather comes in contact with such stains or dirt lead to cracks and roughness. Best to clean the leather everyday with a mild wet cotton cloth. (Incase the home is not well ventilated clean everyday else once a week is enough) 

Harsh soap of chemicals

Products with harsh soaps, detergents, and chemicals can actually result in damaged leather rather than clean leather. Look for specially made leather cleaning solutions and leather restoration company to make sure that you are taking care of your leather properly–other products can cause dry, cracked, dull leather.

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