cleaning of canvas leather bag

Cleaning of Canvas Leather Bag

Are you looking to clean your canvas leather bag and searching over internet how to do cleaning of canvas leather bag? Because of air quality or normal usage it got dirty? Here is the solution to how to do cleaning of canvas leather bag. Take a cotton cloth and make it mildly wet, now clean the bag and make sure you don’t clean it with very hard hands. 

Dior Canvas leather bag cleaning

Stains and Treatment (cleaning of canvas leather bag)

If your bag gets stained with lipstick or other make up things. You will have to be very prompt to clean it, because the make up things are made of natural colors and skin care products. Such things make the leather absorb the stain quickly. So as soon as you notice that the leather has some marks. Try and wipe it with a mild cotton cloth and don’t pressure it to clean it. Mildly try to remove the stains.

Hope you are able to do cleaning of canvas leather bag. Let us know how the tip was and keep reading to our blogs.

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