LV bag cleaning 

LV bag cleaning

When you know how to do LV bag cleaning. So you can use it without any hesitation and can bring to parties. Because you know how get it cleaned. 


Today’s generation is of luxury and there are many luxury brands, which makes people’s life luxury such as LV bag. Similarly, many brands are there but in this blog we will know about the LV bag cleaning. So, many LV bag user wants their bags to stay clean. Thus, it is one of part of luxury lifestyle. LV is a globally popular brands, it deals in shoes, heels, loafers, wallets, belts, purses, and bags.

Gucci Hobo leather bag shape correction

LV bag cleaning

How to do LV bag cleaning in home? Cleaning of the bag depends on the type of leather. There are certain leather type and forms which is suitable to use at home. 

Such as

1. Canvas leather bag

2. Fabric bag

3. Indium leather bag 

We can discuss in detail below. 

1. Canvas leather bag cleaning we have a separate blog Click Here  to read.

2. Fabric bag cleaning : these are the bag which has leather on their loop or at the base which are not visible much. Similarly, these can clean at home. With soft hands and using a brush. What’s more?

• Take a bowl water and mix baby shampoo 

• Use the brush to clean by dipping that into the baby shampoo and water. 

• Try rubbing over the fabric with very soft hands. 

• Keep a towel to wipe it as you clean.

• Keep this process until you clean all over the bag

• After cleaning it all, let it dry.

• The bag clean.

3. Indium leather bag: These are the leather bags which have grains over the outer body of the bag these can be cleaned with the No. 2(above) process.

Note: please be careful while cleaning, if cleaning is not being properly then it may make patches here and there. 

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