Are you worried about stains on your luxurious leather bags?

Are you worried about stains on your luxurious leather bags?

stains on leather bags

A fashionista develops an insatiable appetite for pricey leather bags and winds up purchasing several dozen of them. As leather bags are chic and classy, your investment in them matters a lot. If you are seeking to resolve your long-term problem with your leather handbag stains, don’t bother yourself with it because in this blog we will give you a deep perception of your complex situation. As stains on leather can agitate you, we are here to avert you from making a new purchase. So without further ado, we shall dive into some useful tips to illuminate the casual dynamics of stains on leather handbags.

Things you need

Things you might need for general care for your leather handbag

  • while you can use white eraser to remove rigid stains from your leather bag, it is not good to use a color eraser
  • A microfiber cloth
  • It is advisable to use alcohol and fragrance-free baby wipes.
  • To remove stains from your favorite leather bag at home, you can use a soft cotton cloth to remove the dirt on the surface area of your leather handbag. 
  • Use a leather care brush to brush off dirt and spots by gently brushing it. 
  • Salt can cause cracks in your leather handbag, thereby depreciating the life of your handbag. You can prevent the possibility of it if you opt for top-coat leather conditioning.
  • As ink stains are more rigid, make sure that you don’t carry them with you.

Additional general care tips

As leather is the skin itself, why use abrasive force to remove stains from leather bags?  Nowadays, people start ranting and raving if they find even a small stain on their leather bag, especially if it is white, and start using baking soda, vinegar, and Jif/clif cream that make a stain on leather bags more rigid. Don’t panic over such a trivial issue because we have a solution for your problem.

What about suede and other leather items?

Why does suede leather need extra care? Suede is a high-quality leather with a fuzzy and napped finish commonly used for purses. Because of its fragility, it is a soft leather, and that is why you need to pay special attention to it to maintain the sustainability of your treasured leather bag.

  1. Everyone abhors the possibility of having a stain on their precious bag, so you need to be gentle while using your suede brush.
  2. If, unwittingly, you spilled liquid onto your suede leather bag and it is seeping deeper, try to blot quickly instead of wiping it off.
  3. As the suede leather surface is soft, it absorbs liquid more quickly than you can expect. The same happens with ink; it seeps into the leather, thus making it hard to remove. To solve this problem, you can try using fine sandpaper to sand your suede leather and remove stains
  4. If there is a glue mark on your leather bag, you can remove it using sandpaper.

Is your suede leather starting to have wrinkles? Use steam to straighten out the surface skin; strictly avoid ironing it.


What can nag you is the stain on your suede leather, because you have spent a huge amount of money on it, and seeing it ruined by some stains makes it more disheartening But to resolve your grievance, we tried to give you condensed and concise information, and by following these steps, you might get help in removing the stubborn stains from your leather bag. As leather is expensive, being extravagant and spending a lot of money right away can lead to financial constraints for you, so it would be wise of you to be extra vigilant when caring for leather bags. 

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