How to get rid of scratches on leather furniture 

How to get rid of scratches on leather furniture?

It may seem nearly impossible to appreciate the beauty of your leather furniture, and it can ruin your mood when you have just furnished your house with leather furniture and you happen to see a few small scratches on it. In this blog, we will shed some light on keeping your leather furniture free from scratches over time. While people love to spick and span their house every day, scratches on your leather furniture are the most common thing to have. But you do not need to bother yourself because leather is a versatile material that can fix even deeper scratches very easily.

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Ways to keep Leather Couches scratch-free for longer

With the help of some general tips, you can repair and protect your leather furniture from scratches.

  • Use your hands: To remove the common scratches from the surface of the leather furniture, you can use your hands. Why use hands? For gentle cleaning and minor scratches, when you rub and massage the part of the scratch, your hands will produce oil and friction, which will remove the scratch. 
  • Use rubbing alcohol to clean the region: Before you attempt to repair the deeply embedded dirt in your scratched leather furniture, make sure it is clean. For this, you can use a clean cloth soaked in alcohol and gently clean the scratched area. Let it sit for 10–15 minutes When the area gets completely dry, it improves the texture of the leather, whereas for the deep cut in leather, the method may not be efficient.
  • Recoloring solution: For the deeper scratches, trying a temporary solution might not be helpful for you; in this situation, you can use a recoloring solution to cover the imperfection on your leather. While you find it difficult to get the exact color to match your leather, you can use a similar color to match the leather furniture.
  • Opt for leather filler on the scratched area: To fill the gaps and cracks in the scratched area, use filler that has the consistency of putty and will manage to cover the imperfections on the surface. With the help of a spatula, fill the gap with heavy filler and let it dry completely for 30 minutes. After applying the filler, let it completely dry and apply the correct shade of leather dye.

Tips to prevent future scratches

While you precisely grasped what had happened to your leather furniture and took care of all the needy things to do, you also needed to be more circumspect about the future care of your leather furniture. For this, use some basic tips to remain vigilant. 

  • Keep your pet animals away from your furniture and maintain a dedicated place for them. 
  • To keep the leather soft and shiny, which will negate the chance of possible scratches, use a leather conditioner. 
  • Use antimacassar as a protective barrier to protect the couch from unwanted abrasive dust. 
  • To avoid the chances of annoying scratches and dust, vacuum your leather furniture every week. 
  • If the scratches appear to be deep, consult a professional expert like Leather Laundry and Furniture Care, where our team of experts will guide you through some adequate steps to maintain the originality of your leather furniture.


To keep the problem at bay, you should follow all the general care tips that have been succinctly summarized in this blog, which will help you manage the situation reasonably. If you do not want to worsen the situation of your leather furniture, you can also seek the help of professional consultants like Leather Laundry and Furniture Care. To ensure the longevity of your leather furniture, make sure you give proper attention to leather sofa cleaning services that may ease the burden of your problem. 

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