How to Remove Creases and Wrinkles From Leather Shoes

How to Remove Creases and Wrinkles From Leather Shoes

Have you ever wondered how to remove creases and wrinkles from your beloved leather shoes? It’s a common concern, but there’s no need to rush to a professional shoe repair shop. We’ve got some simple home remedies that can help you remove creases and wrinkles from your leather shoes with ease.

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Methods to Remove Wrinkles: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Store Them Right with Cedar Shoe Trees

Let’s start with a straightforward yet effective tip. Invest in cedar shoe trees – they’re the superheroes of shoe care. Whenever your shoes are off your feet, slide these in. Leave them there for about two weeks. Cedar shoe trees not only keep your closet smelling fresh but also help your shoes regain their shape, removing those unsightly creases.

Step 2: Iron Out the Wrinkles (Carefully)

Yes, you read it correctly – ironing can be a solution, but it requires a delicate touch. Use an iron at a moderate heat setting and place a slightly damp cloth between it and your leather shoes. Gently press the iron over the creases. After smoothing things out, return your shoes to the cedar shoe trees. Let them rest for about a week to maintain that newly regained shape. For stubborn wrinkles, consider consulting a professional shoe repair shop for expert assistance.

Step 3: Nourish with Leather-Friendly Oil

For minor creases and a touch of tender loving care, opt for leather-friendly oil. Massage it into those creases, ensuring it penetrates deep into the leather. Following the massage, let your shoes dry on the cedar shoe trees to preserve their smooth surface. Be cautious and avoid strong oils that could potentially stain your shoes. 

Step 4: A Gentle Massage for Fresh Creases

If you’re dealing with fresh and minor creases, you’re in luck. Simply use your fingers to massage away those wrinkles until they vanish. This method works wonders when the creases haven’t deeply set into the leather.

Luxury Leather: Your Trusted Partner for Removing Creases and Wrinkles

When it comes to caring for your cherished leather shoes, Luxury Leather and Furniture Care is your reliable companion. Our experienced experts are well-versed in the art of leather restoration, ready to assist you in remove creases and wrinkles while maintaining the quality of your footwear. We’re committed to quality and the responsible use of resources, ensuring your leather items receive the best care.


Bid farewell to those bothersome creases and wrinkles on your leather shoes. These straightforward methods will have your favorite pair looking fabulous once again. Remember, Luxury Leather and Furniture Care is here to support you in preserving the beauty and longevity of your leather items.

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